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Steps Towards Amicable Divorce Through Mediation.

Some marriages do not last for long in bliss. Sometimes, people rush into marriage, yet they are not compatible. Couples may fail to agree on some issues, but when they separate, they should not maintain animosity between them. Children play a big part in how the divorce should be. Divorce mediation will enable couples to have amicable terms. Mediation takes place in five stages.

The mediator discusses the process of mediation in this stage. The parties outline the reasons for divorce in this phase. Ask the mediator to explain anything that you do not understand. Leave no stones unturned to facilitate the best results. The mediator will only help if he knows what causes the disagreement.

After the introductory stage is the information gathering stage. You do not disclose everything in the first stage. At this point, you want the mediator to be fully aware of everything, therefore, carry documents supporting your financial situation. You may not have all the documents you need for the mediation. At this stage, you can find the foundation for a friendly settlement.

The mediator asks what both of you want the results to be. You need to tell the mediator the motivation behind your interests. The interests you outline will help the mediator to know the way forward. The mediator will want each spouse to leave contented. They all want what is best for their kids They may have the same desires but have different ways of fulfilling them Couples can also talk to the mediator in the same session where each in listens to the other. A separate session is expensive.

Once issues are on the table, the negotiating stage begins. The mediators can come up with different scenarios which work best for the spouses. The spouses have their interests, but they may need to compromise.The main agenda of the mediator is to solve the major problems which he does by ensuring meeting of most of each spouse’s interests. A tradeoff is s solution since no spouse should end up with all benefits and leave the other with a total loss.

Evidence of the agreement is in writing but the mediator. The court accepts the written agreement and files it. A divorcing couple should have lawyers to serve their interests during the mediation process.

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