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NcStar Crossbow with Scope Reviews

NcStar continues its commitment of providing quality hunting and tactical products to the public when it released the NcStar Crossbow with Scope (CS). It is a five-pound youth crossbow that sports a built-in compass. It has a draw weight of 100 pounds with 200-foot effective range. This crossbow also features a 4×20 scope with 20-millimeter multicoated lens. The package includes ten pieces of 6.25-inch arrows, 10 pieces of three-inch darts, 4 pieces of 7-inch retrieval arrows, and two retrieval reels.

This junior crossbow is fit and ideal for aspiring archers. Its lightweight and compact design provides an appropriate tool that they can use for practice sessions. Even the young and beginning archers will find the NcStar Crossbow easy to use. The strong steel cable bow with brass pulleys assures the user that it is durable. It can be used to bring hours of fun and excitement.

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The Advantages of NcStar Crossbow

One of the advantages of NcStar Crossbow is that it is lightweight. A lot of people agreed that using different shooting styles will be easy when using a crossbow that is easy to hold and aim towards the target.

Precision shooting is easy to achieve because the crossbow comes with a scope. Even those who are just beginning their venture into the field of archery find it helpful in their practice games. The scope makes it easy to find and shoot at the target. However, they should be aware that crossbows with a scope such as the NcStar Crossbow may become difficult to pull at times. So, before buying a unit, be sure that you try to pull the cord and see whether it is comfortable for you.

Despite the advantages offered by the NcStar crossbow, there are also some downsides. Some users complained of malfunction after just three shots. Others found small cracks to the bow part. The bolts are made of plastic so you should be extremely careful during assembly to avoid cracking and splitting them.

It is also possible that the user may usually be responsible for damaging the crossbow. Malfunctions are usually associated to the incorrect assembly of the product. The breaks and cracks may be the result of wrong disassembly when it is placed back into its carrying case.

To avoid malfunctions and doing serious damage to the NcStar Crossbow, it is recommended that the buyer or user should follow the assembly and disassembly instructions that come with the crossbow during purchase. There are also video online for more precise assembly and disassembly instructions.

It is also important to use the right kind of bow string wax to lubricate the rails of the NcStar Crossbow. By doing this, you are avoiding malfunctions to occur. As a user, it is your duty to check whether it is properly lubricated before using it. When putting it back to storage, it is also important to make sure that no other things will be placed on top of its box. You can prevent deformations and other damages by ensuring that it is properly stored when not in use.

The Feedback

Considering user feedbacks, the features, and advantages associated with the use of this NcStar crossbow, it is definitely recommended for beginner and practice uses. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages that are thrown to the product. It is a god buy that is worth the price in consideration of light uses only such as teaching young children of mastering archery. It is also fit for use on fishing. Its retrieval arrows and reels are easy to pull and manage. However, the unit is still not recommended for heavy hunting.

A lot of online retailers offer this crossbow with scope from NcStar. Some retailers offer free shipping when purchases exceed $35. The product generally sells for less than $50 on major online stores.

The average price of NcStar scope crossbow is justified by its advantages. It is a recommended buy to teach young children safe weapons handling. But practice use of this crossbow must always be under adult supervision because the arrows are real and can cause real wounds.

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The NcStar Crossbow with Scope (CS) anchors its selling points on its compact and lightweight design, the built-in compass and scope, and its effective shooting range spanning to up to 200 feet.

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