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Singing Bowls: For Therapy And Meditation

When you hear the word meditation, what comes to your mind?

When meditation is being done, tension of the body is released, enabling the energy within the body to flow in one point direction. A state of inner peace also comes from meditation wherein one’s mind becomes completely calm. Meditation can help you cope up with the stressful nature of life especially if you are a busy person, an hour of meditation can help relieve the stress.

Meditating with consistency can have a vibrant effect on both your body and mind. The vibrant effect of meditation is due to the relaxation it gives to every nerve in the body thus making an individual feel energetic. Meditation is not just one routine, it can be done in any form. Breathing in a pattern can be considered as meditation so long as it provides relaxation to the individual. Another way of meditating can be through the simple act of listening to the calm and relaxing sound of nature such as birds chirping in the morning.

Due to the stressful nature of today’s life, it would be recommended to meditate even once a day. At times we realize that we forget to relax and evaluate both our physical and mental health. We get a chance to do self realization when we meditate. Meditation also helps us understand certain things that we do not before. Meditation in other words is a form of therapy. Gaining inner peace is the main point of meditation, and if a certain activity helps you achieve that, then it can be considered as meditation.

Each person has a unique way of meditating. But regardless, there are also people who do the same technique for meditating and that is by using singing bowls. The sound that singing bowls make provide a soothing ambiance for the individual. Gold and silver, both precious metals are what is used to make singing bowls. Other metals which can be found in singing bowls are copper, iron, and nickel. These singing bowls provide sound healing. Combined with the usual methods of meditation which are enigmatic chanting and a paced breathing pattern, the healing sound of the singing bowls can be very powerful and effective.

There are many ways of producing sound from singing bowls such as hitting softly, gently striking, or slowly rubbing the outer surface of the singing bowl using a wooden striker. The vibration frequency created by the sound of the singing bowls makes meditation more effective. The more calm and composed you are when listening to the relaxing sound of singing bowls, the more you are transported to a state of mind wherein you eliminate stress and any problems you are facing.

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