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Something Many People Have Never Thought about ADHD Symptoms

Most of the children with impulsive behaviors, hyperactivity, and inattention show such signs when they have been diagnosed with ADHD. Although some people say these signs are only seen in adults, it is good to realize that they could also be evident in children. Most parents may have noticed that their children are impulsive and others inattentive while growing but the proper diagnosis would confirm if it is ADHD. Some children with ADHD may shy away from the other children especially if the symptoms of this condition have been confirmed.

The reason you may see your child showing certain ADHD symptoms one time and others another time is because these symptoms change when you change the environment. Most children with ADHD will show one symptom after another as the time goes by, but they cannot have all the signs at once. If the teachers and parents aren’t keen enough on the behavior of their children, they may not identify some of the ADHD symptoms. If you find a child who has been with ADHD symptoms for almost one year, you should not be surprised since this period is within the normal range.

If you come across hyperactive children or those with impulsiveness, you should not be quick to conclude they suffer from ADHD. Many doctors agree that these symptoms would only be reliable if they are unrelenting. Most of these unrelenting symptoms come when the child is between one to seven years. Children with ADHD show most of these signs as they get to the last lap of their pre-school program.

It is not right to conclude some has ADHD before you have assessed their behavioral responses. Most people don’t understand that then ADHD symptoms depend highly on the situation on the ground. Some of the children said to have ADHD show symptoms such as aggressiveness, impatience, and being overactive. Because misdiagnosis is likely in such medical instances, you should let a specialist make the final judgment on the condition.

Many people know how to look for ADHD specialists for confirmation, but they hardly consult their doctors on these matters. Among the various symptoms you may see in a child to associate them with ADHD is being alone always and handling things on their own. If a child is lethargic in nature and with a negative attitude towards work, it is likely they have developed ADHD. Social relations don’t bother them and adapting to some new situations in life becomes a major problem. They also become daydreamers who don’t appreciate school work.

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