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Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow Review

I thought I should write this Barnett wildcat C5 crossbow Review for anybody going out there to get the product from Amazon just like I did.

First you must appreciate the product details before buying it. The wild cat is truly Barnett if you know what that means. Stuffed with class, always the hunter’s choice and among the few things that still carry the made in US tag nowadays. It is light weight, excels in speed, and has a thumbhole, high energy wheels and an awesome cable system.

The Installation

Installing the wild cat is also pretty easy and the design is not at all complicated. If however you should find any difficulty in assembly, there are many places online that will teach you how to do that but don’t you let this bother you because even the user manual is very clear on how this is done. If you really can’t assemble the damn thing get some help before you fire an arrow the wrong side of the woods and possibly kill some tree.

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The Arrows and Scope

The arrows are 20 inch long and are much sharpened. They are usually three unless you order more on Amazon or have a whole pack of them at home. The scope of 4 x 32 millimeter that comes with the Barnett wildcat C5 crossbow is just amazing. At first I thought it wouldn’t work on any deer till I saw how effective this weight adding accessory is when I tried it out on imagined prey. The scope is adjustable and there is no reason that anyone shouldn’t get their best shot with this hunters gear. There is also an optional crank cocking device that is sold separately.

The Warranty, Price and Shot Range

I was impressed by the 5 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship that came with the purchase from Amazon even though in the end it means nothing because Barnett wildcats will easily outlive any warranty. But don’t get me wrong, it is still a good deal just like the discount on the item that it’s now selling at $ 349 instead of the usual $ 380. It gives some of us a bad feeling because “we bought it at the higher price days ago”. Grudges aside, l’ve learned that waxing the string after several shots will keep them in good shape over the years and will definitely increase the range of your shot.

The average shot range is between 50 – 100 yards but it all but depends on how good you are at making the right adjustments. Amazon is offering free shipping during the Christmas period plus there are also great discounts on crossbow 20 inch carbon arrows with field points and on the Barnett 3 pack lube wax but that is hardly the point now is it?

Amazon Image

Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com

Final Thought

But you can bet that any other Barnett wildcat C5 crossbow Review will tell you the same thing. That a Barnett wildcat is the kind of gift that you give to a teenager and they will think themselves a man for the rest of their lives. I wasn’t even going to write any review ( Unless I was paid to) but thought of the fact that the reason am a proud owner of a sleek, lightweight, super accurate Barnett wildcat C5 crossbow is because some army guy left some review that inspired me to buy one and certainly changed my life in the process. So this it is just about returning the favor.

I think this Barnett wildcat C5 crossbow review is done or was done some time back of course there are other things to do and certainly there is no more a single hunter can say over a note worthy companion in his trade. But wait a minute; it is worth your every penny. It could hardly be a wrong choice.

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